How to Carve in Wax Through Lost Wax Casting

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     Lost wax-casting is a particularly valuable technique to artists as it can create a mold to make wonderful metal sculptures. The size of the sculpture can be quite small to over 5 feet. However, the process is quite arduous, thereby requiring significant patience and dedication to the project. The results can be a highly professional art piece that can then be painted.


  • Sketch out your designs to determine what sculpture you will be making.

  • 2

    Use wax to create the three-dimensional sculpture of your design. For small fruit-sized models, they should stick out about 2 inches.

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    Poke wax rods or wires into the model (leaving them somewhat exposed).

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    Encase the entire object by dipping it into a mixture of 1/3 plaster and 2/3 sand (also known as the "investment"). The rods will still be affixed to the wax model, but all will be completely covered by the investment.

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    Put the covered wax model on low in the oven, after the investment has hardened, until the wax has entirely melted out.

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    The remaining empty shell is then filled with hot metal. When the metal is solidified, the mold is broken with the revealed sculpture.

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    To paint the sculpture, use metal-safe paints and make your own designs on your new art piece.