how Is the Sand Casting Process?

         A sand casting is a metal part formed from using a sand mold. Sand casting is a six-step process.investment casting,investment castings , Metal Castings

    Pattern Making

  1. Using a technical drawing completed by an engineer, a specially trained pattern maker creates a wooden or metal pattern that is placed into the sand. The sand is then compacted and shaped around the pattern with a variety of methods, including grinding and sweeping.


  2. A gate is then formed around the sand pattern. The size and height of the gate corresponds to the size of the pattern.

    Pattern Removal

  3. Once the gates are in place, the pattern is slowly removed. This must be done very carefully or the sand will be disrupted.


  4. The metal that will be utilized in the cast is heated until melting. The molten material is poured into the sand.


  5. The metal is left to cool until completely hardened. The amount of time this takes varies depending on the type of metal being used.

    Casting Removal

  6. Using specialized picks and tools, the sand is chipped away from the casting, and the metal piece is removed.